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Our gift of asking the right questions, using intuition, and experience in Interior Design since 2003 helps to bring your design visions and dreams to life. 

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I had the absolute pleasure to work with Tracie on a boutique exterior remodel. She was so incredibly easy to work with, understood my vision and ran with it, and has made me a lifelong customer of hers! I am so happy with the service and artistic eye of Tracie's that I decided to have her also do the interior of the boutique as well as a new office for me. Every job that Tracie has touched for me has been like magic!

-Michelle S.

American Hero Clothing

Larchwood, IA

Tracie took our bland little living room and turned it into a show stopper. She even had suggestions on how to make it work for our lifestyle and 3 boys. She’s easy to work with. Very detail oriented. She even included our family photo in her design. Something very important to me. Not only that but when you work with Tracie you are supporting a small business. A woman who puts her heart and soul into her work. 


-Christina S.

Adams, TN

Tracie Taylor, Certified Interior Decorator

In case you were wondering...


Tracie has been a passionate Certified Interior Decorator since 2003, wife to her husband of 19 years, and mom to two beautiful kiddos. They live on a small ranchette in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. When she is not designing residential and boutique commercial spaces she can be found Living her Life By Design. She is an avid archery hunter, lover of tall cowboy boots, and a total foodie! In addition to design work she has years of project controls experience in other industries on multi-million dollar projects. The absolute BEST part of her work is when a client sees their vision come to life for the first time!

"I was born with ambition and drive to always pursue what is true and authentic to who I really am and what makes me unique. I am here to help other women and girls carve their own paths by showing them that they too can live their lives by design."

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