Bring Back the Gentleman's Study!

There have been many times in my years of decorating that I am approached by the man of the house to design a space especially for him, whether it be a home office, man cave, or his office away from home. We often associate decorating needs with women, but let’s not forget the guys ladies!

Today I’d love to discuss the old concept of a Gentleman’s Study. In the early 20th century a gentleman’s study was a place to enjoy reading a good novel or the paper. He worked in this space. It was also a place to retire to after dinner with the other gentlemen guests for a smoke of his cigar or pipe and very possibly a glass of whiskey or bourbon. This notion of having a separate room that is for the men actually came from the Victorian era. There were many of these gender specific rooms like the male study, smoking room, or the trophy room. It was common practice for men and women to have separate hobbies and interests under the same roof.

When I think of a proper gentleman’s study I think of dark heavy woods, warm light, well worn leather, rich earth tones, plenty of good reading materials, a globe, and maybe a map or two. I think of a very masculine space with hunting trophies or accomplishment trophies displayed proudly. I can envision a bear rug or an oriental rug in deep rich shades of red.

Contact us today for a consultation. We will dig into your style, functional needs, and space limitations. Then we will create a space design perfectly crafted just for you. Cheers to the old times!