Color Trends 2019

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I'm sure you've noticed the 2018 trend colors such as blush, rose gold, gold, beige, white, black, and even yellow with a bit of navy blue. Color trends will dictate much of what we see in fashion and home decor. They spread like wildfire accross Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Retail Stores, and business branding. Soon we find ourselves swooning over these colors and wanting them in our own lives.

Let me give you a jump on the trends for next year! Think rich, luscious, jewel tones and you will be set for 2019. If you have always loved a pop of bold color, or maybe a little more than just a pop, this is your year!

These delicious colors can be used sparingly or you can go all in! An accent chair in a bold color of emerald, throw pillows in hues of ruby, or richly painted walls drenched in sapphire will be the setting of 2019.

I'm curious... are you going to go all in on color next year?

If you are unsure of how to make these colors work well in your space and with your style let's set up a consultation either in-person or virtually. You can book now and start making your visions reality.

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