Farmhouse Interiors - Timeless or Trendy?

Farmhouse interiors are all the rage right now, but you may be asking yourself if this is just a trend that has nearly run its course. With the Gaines family bringing it to mainstream cable television this style has quite literally exploded. While I’m sure there are some people who are completely over it, I personally think it can be done in a very timeless way and I too fell in love with the Gaines family dynamic and style.

Why did it become so popular? I think it’s about more than the way it looks. I think it evoked feelings of nostalgia in us. It took us to a simpler time and connected us to the past. Farmhouse design has reconnected us to a way of life. While inspecting a home designed this way you may envision cookies in the oven, pies on the windowsill, and friends on the front porch sharing sweet tea while kids are running through the garden giggling. That’s an experience I can almost taste and would love to escape to every day!

There are different versions of Farmhouse interior for sure. Which inspires you the most?

  • Modern or Scandinavian farmhouse minimalist with clean lines

  • Casual farmhouse with soft textures

  • Old word farmhouse with natural elements of stone or brick

  • French farmhouse with very feminine elements

  • Rustic farmhouse with stained wood and beams

  • Coastal farmhouse with pale blues and brass or gold accents

  • Industrial farmhouse with steel, iron, and stained wood

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