Mountain Home Fireplace Remodel

We took an inefficient, cracked, UGLY fireplace insert and created a beautiful, efficient remodel.


The existing fireplace heated the front room, but not much else. Behind the fireplace the hallway leads to the bedrooms and the cold mountain winters meant really cold bedrooms. Our experience with wood burning stoves has shown that they heat far more efficiently. We researched the stove to make sure it would meet our specifications and heat the necessary square footage and our decision was made that we would replace the fireplace with a wood burning stove instead of just a fireplace insert replacement.


As I began to sketch up my vision for the remodel I knew I wanted the back of the fireplace to be opened to allow heat to travel down the hall more efficiently. I knew I wanted a beautiful wood storage space that was more functional. The splinters of wood making a mess and sticking in the carpet beside the fireplace was driving me absolutely crazy! The arch design was a must to counter balance all of the square details of the home. It's these small details that add visual interest and a customized look.

After we reviewed the sketch, he was in! We consulted with the contractor to make sure he was on board with my design details and the fun began... demo day!


Demo day was fun! My husband, my daughter, and I set out to tear it out while keeping the portion of the structure in tact that we still needed to remain. Yay for power tools and hammers!


In the selection of the stove we chose a simple design with an arched door to compliment the arched details in the fireplace surround. The simple curve of the Queen Anne style legs added a touch of feminine to an overly masculine piece.

The tumbled marble brick tiles used on the interior of the fireplace surround kept the design classic and timeless, maybe a bit of farmhouse style too. The neutral colored stacked stone brought a rustic outdoor element to my design. We removed the cabinet to the right to make room for a firewood and kindling storage space.


To assist with the ease of cleaning I designed the expanded hearth to go all the way across the front and extend farther into the room for extra flooring protection. The wood storage has been a great addition and the stove is extremely efficient.

The craftsmanship of our contractor is impressive and we couldn't be more happy with this remodel.


What do you think? If you have a remodel you've been thinking of doing or have a remodel story to share, we would love to hear it!