The Perfect Shade of Gray

What is the perfect shade of gray? This is such a common question! Actually, One of the top questions I get from my clients is about choosing paint colors and all of the stories sound the same. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you....

I often post on my Instagram Stories for my audience to send me an interior decorating question and recently someone sent me this following message:

"What is the perfect shade of gray? Do you have any favorites? I've gotten so many samples and they are either too blue or too green. My husband mixed his own color and it was perfect, but they can't color match it. The guy at the paint counter said wow this is a nice color if we do end up figuring out how to color match it I'm stealing the formula! I've been to Home Depot so many times that they know me and are just giving me the samples. My husband and I are over it!"

Dang, that's super frustrating right!!! I feel so bad for my clients who go through the wasted time, money, and effort over paint colors! I created a free guide to selecting paint colors just for this reason. It's 8 professional must know tips that I share with all of my clients.

I told her my answer is that it depends on the space that she is painting and that I was so sorry she's gone through all of that and directed her to my website for the free download. I want you to get yours too if you are frustrated over paint or if you are thinking of painting. AND in the end, if you are still struggling with making the selection let's schedule a color consultation and I'll come help you personally.